Customer satisfaction has top priority for me. It’s my aim, that every customer can recommend me to his friends or relatives with a good conscience. To give the whole a little incentive, recommendation is rewarded.

For each recommendation which leads to an order, a voucher will be issued. The amount of the voucher depends on the amount of the order value. Since not everybody has y usage for a voucher, there is the possibility of a cash payment. There are the following outlines:

Order value Voucher amount Cash Payment
Up to 500€ 50€ 25€
From 500€ to 1000€ 100€ 50€
From 1000€ to 3000€ 200€ 100€
From 3000€ 300€ 150€

For the validity of the recommendation, it must be obvious for me until the first conversation, who receives the voucher or cash payment. The reward is handed over after the complete payment receipt from the customer.